BJC Closed Nationals Championships 2015

The Arena Sports,Thurston Drive,Kettering NN15 6PB



Total entries to date: 14
Maximum entries: 300

The continued success of the BJC Championships shows that there is a demand within the membership of the BJC for competitions where our members can test themselves along with the best in the country. At the same time, there is also a need for a ‘closed’ event; open to only the members of our Judo family so that we can compete and win amongst our peers and at the same time, have our contests accrue points towards eventual promotion. This event, the BJC Closed Championships 2015 is open to all BJC members and includes categories to allow for as wide a range of age, grade and weights as possible.Closing date for entries is the 18th November.

Download: Championship Information BJC Contest Rules

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Please be aware that if you do not make the weight you have registered in then you will be charged a £3.00 administrative fee on the day to transfer you into your correct weight.

Please note the BJC may photograph or video this event for promotional or training purposes, if you have concerns about this please contact the BJC on 01692 580 900

Those referees wishing to be assessed for their regional part b or a National qualification please contact Head office on 01692 580900